Joomla Day China 年會

Joomla 官方認證的 Joomla Day China 年會 5 / 24 號在深圳喔~~

DES鼎益盛-AJ負責主講的議題是 < Joomla!可以量身定制电商平台吗?Is Joomla! ready for an e-Commerce website>,


Joomla Day China 2015 介紹:

What is Joomladay China? It's not very popular but there are more and more people know it. JoomlaDay China is an yearly event that revolves around the most popular CMS solution exists, the Joomla! CMS.In China, there are many people using with Joomla, either as a web solution for private websites, business solutions or even high-end web solutions for companies / organizations.Joomladay China seeks to unite the business, community and individuals for a blazing one day event. After attend Joomla world conference 3 years, I think it's time to let know Chinese CMS fans know more about joomla. So I make a video and many Chinese Joomlaer like it.

Organiser: Don Tian, Tian Peng
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Event Date: 2015-05-24 ( China Taiwan Time (GMT+8:00) )



403 台中市西區台灣大道二段181號11樓之11(環瑞通商大樓)

04-23174836 / 04-23296485 / 0931-303767

106 台北市大安區忠孝東路169號6樓之1(需預約)







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